Delft Blue Vase cover

  • The Paper Vase is a skin to cover any empty bottle and to turn it into a vase. Adjustable in size by rolling up the paper the vase cover will fit any bottle. The triangular structure allows the paper to set around its bottle. The paper vase comes flat packed in an envelope.


    The Tiny Miracles Foundation is a Netherlands-based charity founded in 2010 by Pepe's cousin Laurien Meuter. Tiny Miracles focuses on one specific street with a community of around 700 people whose only home is right on the pavement in the red light district in Mumbai, India. The ambition is to lift this small community from ‘very poor’ to ‘middle class’ within the next 7 years: in 2020 the community is self-supporting. Then they should have the education and corresponding healthcare of a middle-class human being and an income of at least 8 euro per person per day. And perhaps most importantly; happy childhood memories

  • Made from Folded Paper
  • Delivery 3-5 days

Category: Pepe Heykoop, Vases

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