Style, comfort, and sustainability: hygge all year round!

Posted on July 30, 2017 by Judith Archer

The Scandinavian idea of 'hygge' seems to be everywhere at the moment, and we can see why. Hygge is often defined in terms of warm home comforts, and can be used to describe food, music, and good company. We like to think of it as simply revelling in life itself. Naturally, interior design and furniture play a huge role in creating hygge in the home. 

Create a talking point for your home with a luxurious bespoke sofa, made to measure in Bristol. How about a bespoke corner sofa that fits just right, creating the perfect hugging space in your living room?

Nor does it need to be cold to enjoy hygge. Here at Archer + Co, comfort means being cuddled by your environment, whether chilling with an iced drink in the height of summer or keeping snug as the nights draw in and Autumn leaves start to fall.

Summer heatwaves are on the rise in the UK; every month seems to be the hottest on record. Brits, who aren't used to these soaring temperatures are increasingly taking siestas during the hottest part of the day. Half an hour after lunch is ideal, and a comfortable designer sofa could be the perfect place.

If you love letting the summer sun into your home or are seeking the perfect sofa for your conservatory, choose linen, cotton, or cool synthetics that you can warm up with winter blankets.

We offer a huge range of fabrics including organic cotton, 100% natural textiles, and recycled fibres so luscious you will hardly believe they are recycled.

Getting it exactly right isn't just about finding the perfect look, though. We produce sustainable, high-quality designer furniture as standard, but we also offer additional 'eco specifications' on request. 

Let Archer + Co help you get it just right: call us today and begin planning the perfect sofa for your home!