4 reasons to buy a bespoke sofa for your home

Posted on April 28, 2017 by Judith Archer


bespoke sofa
If you've been searching for the perfect sofa for your home and have not yet had any luck finding it, perhaps it's time to consider buying a bespoke sofa? Here are four key reasons why a bespoke sofa could be the perfect solution for you. 

1. Size

One popular reason why people choose to go down the bespoke furniture route is due to size issues. If you have an unusual shaped room, an awkward corner, or want a sofa size that isn't standard, then having a bespoke sofa made to suit your exact needs is the perfect solution.

2. Colour

When you choose to have a bespoke sofa made, it can be tailored to all your requirements. Not only in terms of size and style, but also in colour – you don't have to be limited by what's available in stock, as you would when buying from other seating companies. So if you want to match fabrics or colours already in your interior design scheme, it's no problem. 

3. Style 

Ordering a bespoke sofa also means the style of it can cater for your needs too. You're not limited to what a certain piece of furniture looks like and can have it designed to match your room and interior style. For example, if you love contemporary furniture and already have a collection of other pieces, you could have your sofa made in a style that compliments or matches your existing furniture. Or if you're fond of a particular traditional style, it could be made to reflect that also. 

4. Environmentally friendly

Finally, when you order a bespoke sofa from Archer + Co, you get the added bonus of knowing that your furniture will be environmentally friendly. It will be made from FSC certified timber, upholstered in natural British-made fabrics and natural latex will be used for padding, instead of synthetic fibres. 

Buying bespoke really can be the answer to your furniture buying woes, so why not contact Archer + Co to see how they can help you?

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